Yoga and Meditation

When was the last time you truly tasted your food? When you go about your day, are you aware of bird song, the smells around you, the feeling of your clothes against your skin? We live in a world that encourages busyness and machine-like ‘productivity’. This world can also be overstimulating and feel like an assault on our senses. Our ways of resting and relaxing are often about numbing out and shutting down. The price of all this is often our connection to the wisdom and intuition of our bodies and the engaged curiosity of our senses. We begin to suffer because we feel disconnected, unsafe, and we can never seem to find rest.


As a moving meditation, yoga sessions are a great way to reconnect with your body, as well as being a gateway into an ancient and rich lineage developed to support holistic (mind, body, soul) health. On a physical level, they can alleviate lethargy and increase strength and flexibility. On a mental level, they can cultivate resiliency and the ability to remain anchored in the calmness of presence, regardless of external circumstances. On an energetic and soulful level, they awaken us to deeper connection and more balance and flow.

Integrating my energetic sensitivity with my experience guiding the physical postures of yoga means I can work one-on-one (or in very small groups) with a client to tailor the yoga practice specifically to them and their soul’s desire to awaken, embodied.

Some possible reasons for a private yoga session:

building up to a personal challenge or developing a physical knowledge of the poses if you are new to yoga; deeper physical and mental resiliency dealing with a specific health issue; cross-training for a sport; more flexible schedule; bringing balance to your body with increased strength and/or flexibility; tailoring your practice to your journey in ways a group class may not allow for; exploring yoga beyond the physical postures; integrating energy healing with physical movement

Yoga sessions can be scheduled over video chat via Zoom. These sessions generally last around 60min. They can range from more active to very gentle depending on the client’s wants/needs. The exchange for a 60min session is $70.


Meditation sessions, although usually less physical than the practice of yoga, are also about awakening our senses, practicing presence, and journeying inward to discover that we are what we seek. A practice of non-doing, it can help us cultivate a sense of worthiness, peace, and even joy unattached to our circumstances or environment.

Our nervous system is designed to seek a sense of safety and stability. When we are rushed, disconnected, numb, or when we are seeking answers, resolution, and validation outside of ourselves, our nervous system perceives the world as dangerous and threatening. This leads to a state of constant stress and fight-or-flight response. When in that space, digestion, immunity, and rest are all compromised. Meditation is a tool for calming our nervous system so that deeper healing can transpire and our bodies can return to more optimal functioning. It’s also a practice of becoming present, curious, secure, and engaged… perhaps even joyful. Through non-doing and stillness, we come into relationship with our true nature and our inherent worthiness. Through deep listening we begin to hear our soul’s quiet whisper and have access to the guidance of our intuition.

Some possible reasons for a private meditation session:

tailored specifically to where you are on your journey right now; allows for deep rest for the body, mind, and soul; boosts immunity and digestion; cultivates resiliency through a relationship with our breath; facilitates awareness of our true nature; stabilizes our nervous system; awakens us to our inner world; no need for physical mobility

Meditation sessions can be scheduled over the phone or through video chat via Zoom. Depending on the clients wants/needs, a mediation session with me can be some combination of yoga nidra (conscious sleep), mindfulness, and heart-centered, guided inward journeys. Generally these sessions are performed seated or reclining. Sessions are usually 45min and are physically very gentle. The exchange for a 45min session is $50.

I look forward to helping you on your journey back to connection and sacred embodiment.

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