Being a certified yoga personal trainer means Kate works one-on-one (or in very small groups) with you to tailor your yoga practice to your needs because yoga is accessible to everyone and everyone can benefit. Whether you're seeking to build up to your personal challenge or develop your physical knowledge of the poses, whether you'd love deeper physical and mental resiliency dealing with a specific health issue, whether you want to cross-train for a sport, if you're brand new to yoga, or if you just can't seem to ever make it in to a studio – let’s empower you to work with your body and breath to develop a practice that fits right into your life so you’ll enjoy keeping up with it.

Benefits of private or small-group sessions:

  • Gain confidence in your body and your practice of the postures
  • Learn modifications to honor where your body is, especially when dealing with an injury
  • Practice other breathing and meditation techniques to reduce stress
  • Easier to fit into a busy schedule
  • No need to drive to a studio, if in-home is an option
  • A fun and meaningful way to connect with family and friends
  • Fully customizable!
  • Support your other activities such as running, horse riding, swimming, dance, etc
  • Build up a strong foundation to bring yourself to new levels in specific poses

What excuses are holding you back from giving yourself the gift of yoga? What is the cost of believing those excuses? Commit to yourself, commit to your practice!

Sessions can be conducted in your home or in a studio where you currently practice. To consult with me about an in-home session, please fill out the contact form below. If you would like to hire Kate through the studio where you currently practice, please book your session through the studio.

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