Integrative Energetic Medicine and Coaching

Within and around our bodies is an energetic field, created by the vibration of our molecules and subtler forces. This energy field is in constant communication with our environment and our experience, making us finely tuned and highly sensitive instruments. Everything that happens in our lives gets stored away and imprinted within these fields and sometimes during the storing process, our experiences can alter the more optimal flow of energy in a way that then sticks and holds, creating a new pattern. Left long enough, these new energetic patterns may manifest in mental, emotional or physical symptoms.

Ever wondered why the same situations seem to keep happening to you? Or ever felt stuck and sluggish in life? Have you ever noticed how thoughts and tapes in our heads can seem to repeat endlessly? Or is there a hunger deep in you that can't seem to figure out how to be expressed? These and other signs can indicate that there may be an energetic holding pattern or deviation, or a deeper disconnect between our spirit, humanity, and purpose.

IEM&C is a non-invasive, compassionate way of bringing these holding patterns back to awareness and into the light while allowing them to dissolve so that a more optimal flow of energy can be restored to the fields and our soul and body are then free to express and experience in a more integrated dance.

In my own experience, IEM&C has:

  • deepened my connection with my soul's purpose
  • lowered my stress and anxiety
  • allowed my body to function more optimally
  • empowered me to live more fully and vulnerably
  • brought me to a place of deeper compassion for myself and others
  • renewed my ability to have heart-felt relationships
  • given me tools for practicing deeper self-awareness
  • reintegrated the divide between my mind and body and soul
  • brought me back to a sense of child-like joy for life
  • taught me to forgive
  • helped me stand, unshakeable in my inner trust and power

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