Integrative Energetic Medicine and Coaching

Energy is a language anyone can speak, but most of us have forgotten. It’s how our brains and nervous systems communicate with our bodies. It’s how animals of different species can have a sense of what’s going on with each other. It’s that moment when you get a sense of what might be going on with a stranger when you pass them on the street.

Integrative Energetic Medicine and Coaching is a healing modality that is holistic, compassionate, non-invasive… and operates through this subtler and more abstract level of energy - the level of the nervous system.

Because our bodies and their systems communicate via electromagnetic pulses, our cells are used to receiving and storing information and organizing themselves based on the flow and organization of our energy fields. These energy fields also extend out away from our bodies about 3-4ft and are in constant communication with our environment and our experience, making us finely tuned and highly sensitive instruments. When things are flowing optimally, we ‘play’ like a song where all the different pieces of our experience vibrate harmoniously. Sometimes, however, life’s challenges do not get processed through fully and productively and the frequency of our energies can be altered. When that happens, without resolution, parts of our energetic system become disharmonious. This can then lead to confusion and disharmony on a mental, emotional, or cellular level.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and not sure how to cope? Ever noticed that no matter what you do, the same situations seem to keep happening to you? Have felt stuck and sluggish in life, mentally, emotionally, or even physically with chronic symptoms? Are you struggling with stress, grief, anger, and/or other (so called) ‘negative’ emotions? Or do you struggle with feeling numb? Perhaps being deeply sensitive when it doesn’t feel safe to? Or is there a hunger deep in you that can't seem to figure out how to be expressed?

Our lives are not meant to be simply survived but rather are a series of opportunities designed to help us thrive. Addressing our challenges from an energetic level with IEM&C allows us to look at these symptoms as messengers who just want to tell us where we’ve fallen out of harmony with our hearts and our soul’s deeper purpose. Through deep compassion and an empowering self-awareness, we learn to listen to this more subtle of languages and we learn to Love what is, so that anything that no longer serves us can dissolve and we become free to express and experience in a more integrated dance.

In my own experience, IEM&C has:

  • deepened my connection with my soul's purpose

  • lowered my stress and anxiety

  • allowed my body to function more optimally

  • empowered me to live more fully and vulnerably

  • brought me to a place of deeper compassion for myself and others

  • renewed my ability to have heart-felt relationships

  • given me tools for practicing deeper self-awareness

  • reintegrated the divide between my mind and body and soul

  • brought me back to a sense of child-like joy for life

  • taught me to forgive

  • helped me stand, unshakeable in my inner trust and power

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