Wild Sacred Journey: day 3

Today I felt tired. Don't get me wrong, I got up and had quite a productive morning. I didn't even realize how tired I was until I got to yoga and rested my forehead down in child's pose and realized that I could stay right there for the entire 60minutes and feel really good about it.

Turns out I didn't stay in Child's pose for the entire class, but I also had no agenda and no goals and had given myself complete permission to quit at any time I wanted. And so it was a very peaceful practice - strong, but unbelievably gentle and accepting and compassionate. It felt good in my body, it felt good in my mind, it felt good in my breath.

Then I got home and I was so in my body that eating lunch was an absolute joy - completely nourishing on all levels. I had made potato gratin last night (it's bangin'... in case you were wondering) and finally got to eat it today, along with a nice big salad. I put dried fruit and tuna and avocado on my salad so there were different textures and flavors. Every part of this lunch felt good - senses engaged and satiated and belly happily full.

I was going to take a picture of my beautifully delicious lunch to share with you all... but then I got caught up in eating it. And so all you get is the empty plates. And I'm not even sorry.

We are meant to live in our bodies. We are meant to experience pleasure and joy in our bodies. Even when the news is full of the devastation caused by nature and humans. Even when surrounded by fear and anger. We can breath a little deeper. We can fully validate our own experiences with no need to justify or explain. We can nourish ourselves. And in so doing, we can transcend, even if just for the moment it takes to chew.