Wild Sacred Journey: day 5

We all have one. At least, I hope you do. A picture of you, as a kid, being completely and fully and unabashedly yourself.

This is that picture for me. Yes, I had a mullet and I owned it. Yes, I loved stickers enough to think it was a great idea to put them all over my face. Yes, I LOVED that costume and would only take it off when mom forced me to wash it, at which point I would wait until it was clean and (barely) dry and then put it right back on. And I loved to dance around the house whether music was playing or not.

And then life happened. And there was a long period of time where I pretended I didn't like pink and sparkles and sequins. Where I cared a little more what my hair looked like. Where I stopped dancing for the pure joy of movement.

But she's still inside me. And although I'm an adult now and it's not always appropriate for me to bust her out (nor do I always feel like it), some days you need to let go and give in to that little kid.

This afternoon, I came home from yoga, ate some food, watched a little Netflix and then asked myself what I needed most to feel good in this moment. The answer was my very own dance party. So I cranked my favorite dance tunes and started that dancing/singing party in the shower. When I couldn't justify wasting anymore water, I took that party to my room where I danced around in fancy dresses and heels. Partly because why not and party because I was figuring out what I was wearing to a wedding I'm going to next weekend...

But the point is this. I had an awesome afternoon and when we need to shift some energy in our lives, it doesn't always have to be serious. It doesn't always have to be yoga and meditation and walks or 'exercise.' Sometimes being unbelievably goofy and child-like is just what we need. The sacred purity of innocence is found in our child-like wonder and wild. We just have to be willing to let it all out, especially if no one is watching. No performance - just a joyful expression of what is true and beautiful about being alive.