Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 13

Today is my day off – so what did I do? I worked! Ha! I mean… oops… BUT I’m finding a steady rhythm and making sure I give myself play time – not only on my days off, but sometimes on my ‘work’ days, too. It’s all about balance… Today I am grateful for:

  1. No rush to get out of bed in the morning and a good book to keep me there for a few chapters longer.
  2. Getting better at prioritizing – I have a long to-do list (and when you’re self-employed, it’s a mix of work and adult needs), but I’ve been very successful recently at breaking it down daily into what NEEDS to be accomplished and about being more realistic about how much I can actually do so I feel more successful and can see progress being made.
  3. The opportunities to share yoga around and in different ways – so many exciting opportunities to teach different places and different ways coming up. It’s never dull and always different and I am always learning.

Now – it’s time to go play! I’m thinking jigsaw puzzle, yoga practice… maybe a craft project… but something without screens in front of my eyes!