Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 15

I almost forgot to post today! I have been caught up with my new smartphone! And, yes – it’s my FIRST smartphone. Baby’s all grown up… I celebrated by sending friends (who have tried to send me emjois over the years and failed continuously) a whole long chain of silly and meaningless emojis. It was pretty awesome. My roommate has been entertained all day by shouts of: “what?!?! These phones DO this?” or “This is CRAZY!!!” or “(insert un-yogaish language here) I don’t remember ANY of my passwords for these sites/apps. ARGGGHHH now I have to change them ALL!!”and then tons of questions… “but wait. HOW does it do that? Does doing THIS use data? If I were to want to do this… WHERE do I find that?”

It’s been a roller coaster, folks! And, let me tell you, the 21st century is NOT for sissies.

BUT gratitude still prevails:

  1. I am grateful for all the ways in which my new smartphone will make my life easier, more efficient, and full of silliness much easier to convey through images.
  2. I am grateful for how long I held off on my smartphone – As excited as I am, when I started working for myself, I had to set some serious boundaries about where, when, how much, etc. For example, my computer is not allowed in my bedroom anymore. I used to wake up in the morning and start ‘working’ but it would bleed into just scrolling through Facebook and before I knew it, half the day was done and I was still in bed and hadn’t REALLY gotten anything done. I would also stay up too late. Now that I have a phone that does these things – the rules are still the same. No screens or interneting in bed. It affects my sleep and productivity too much. Also, when being with friends I will still BE with them. This new technology is awesome, but it will require some awareness to make sure I’m still balancing my life in the ways that serve me best and I’m glad I got time without it to start to learn those lessons.
  3. My students tonight at yoga. Such willingness, such breath, such humor, such strength and grace. It always touches me, but tonight I felt it a little more deeply.