Attitude of Gratitude- a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 16

The end of the average grower’s season is upon us.. but the weather is so warm, you wouldn’t know it! This week, I’m getting the last of it in and I’m working two days at the farm. We also had a big end of the season celebratory dinner tonight. So, right now, I’m lying here in my sleeping bag, on my very full tummy, writing this. I am grateful for:

  1. The incredible food prepared for me and the rest of the party-goers this evening. There is no end of love in the food – from growing to prep to sharing and laughing while eating. This is nourishment on so many levels.
  2. Again-the students I got to share yoga with today. My bedheads at 6am who showed up chatty and energetic and willing. I woke up so I could keep up with you. And then my farmer yogis at the end of the day. It’s been a joy this whole season to help you stretch out your bodies and strengthen your core and backs so this job is as sustainable as your ideals.
  3. Sleep – warm, sheltered, comfortable. From 5am to 10pm, it’s been a long day and I have the chance to read aloud to some friends (one of my fav things ever) so I’m going to try and get one chapter out before I truly lay down, but I can’t wait to close my eyes and take rest tonight.