Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 17

Whew! Busy couple of days so, I admit, this post is technically a day late… Yesterday was a full day of farming and then a last minute teaching gig at Escutcheon’s Brewery in Winchester. I’m not a huge beer drinker, but the couple of beers I tried, I actually liked. The atmosphere is cool and since they don’t serve food, you’re welcome to bring your own! Fun stuff. And throughout the night, I found myself in really awesome connections with the various people I encountered – there, at dinner with my roommate and her sister’s significant other, and shopping for wine later. It was a cool feeling of community around downtown Winchester and I really felt it last night.

Friday’s gratitude list:

  1. Community – whether my farm family, yoga students, folks I meet other places (and try and turn to the yoga-side ) and the practice of meeting everyone I encounter with a deep curiosity and desire to find out what they are meant to show me in this life. I am definitely not perfect as this, but also definitely practicing and seeing the rewards.
  2. Warm clothes and bedding – in a world where some have so little and so many people are currently risking their lives on a prayer and a hope of safety elsewhere, cold days on the farm remind me to be grateful for the warm clothes I have and the ability to go inside and warm up afterwards.
  3. Laughter and comedy and friendship (and a little bit of wine!) – nothing like spending an evening sitting around watching silly things with friends and laughing and filling a space with joy and love.