Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 2

I woke up in a funk today. I had weird dreams and the emotional rawness brought up in the dreams stayed with me as my eyes opened. Today, especially, I seek gratitude.

I got out of bed and went to teach the 6am yoga class. As I waited for students to show up, I took a little practice, just to warm up my body and move some energy. I started to feel better, so I am:

  1. Grateful for my yoga practice which offers me some grounding when I just can’t seem to find it elsewhere and helps my body to feel like a home I don’t mind living in.

After moving on my own for a little while, I looked at my watch. It was close to 6am and no one was there yet. “Is anyone going to show up today?” crossed my mind. That’s unusual for that class. Ultimately two students showed up and we all agreed that we would flow together, so with minimal cues on my part and leading mostly by the sound of my breath, we all moved in silence and space and community. I am:

2. Grateful for this perfect journey where even when things don’t go as planned, they end up, maybe, just maybe, being something you need.

Coming home, I made my morning lemon water and then ate a banana, and although the emotional rawness lingers, I am feeling a little better. So I am:

3. Grateful for safe drinking water, good food, and self-care. As long as I honor my body with the care it requires, I am strong enough to breathe and outlast this long sigh out of my soul.

May you find gratitude today, whatever your circumstances.