Attitude of Gratitude- a whole month of Thanksgiving; day 22

Tomorrow’s the big day, if you’re talking about thanksgiving (or you’re to believe the crowds mobbing the grocery stores and buying brussel sprouts like this is the only day of the year when you might eat them). But even today, I am grateful for:

  1. The fact that the grocery store isn’t usually like that!
  2. Food and drink a’plenty. Cooking and eating and sharing it like love.
  3. A walk in the woods and the memories of a grandma who taught me to believe in magic and gnomes. Every time I see moss, I think of them.
  4. A moon as bright as daylight and long, frosty shadows. A solitary walk in the cold night, aware of sounds and smells. Aware of fear and peace.
  5. My story and survival mechanisms that worked so hard to protect me and who I have held on to… Until now. Now I choose freedom and a new way of being. Now I celebrate being alive, being light.