Attitude of Gratitude- a whole month of Thanksgiving; day 23

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I am thankful

1. that you have been joining me on this gratitude journey.

I didn’t write yesterday because the morning turned out to be a little hectic. We were trying to cook our part of the turkey day feast and mom managed to lock the food in the oven at which point the locking mechanism wouldn’t reopen again. Oops. I am also grateful that I;

2. Have lived with some crazy (and awesome) roommates in the past who have done that exact thing, so I actually know how to take a stove apart and open it.

While the food was cooking, we took the dog for a walk and I am reminded of how grateful I am for her – with her floppy ears and big smile and her wiggle while she walks.

The rest of the day was spent with family, noisily eating and drinking and giving each other a hard time. I am grateful for all of that.

But mostly I am grateful for gratitude. Gratitude is the only thing that yields abundance. Without it, no matter what you have, it will never be enough.

Here’s wishing you deepest gratitude. May you think it, may you feel it, may you speak it.