Attitude of Gratitude- a whole month of thanksgiving; day 24

I’m falling behind, but it’s hard to keep a routine when you’re traveling and doing all kinds of eating, drinking, and visiting that’s not your normal. And you know, shaking things up isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it gives you opportunities to grow and be surprised. So for yesterday (Friday), I am grateful for:

  1. The warm weather and time spent moving my body outside.
  2. A day off, getting to sleep in, read books, and generally just hang out
  3. The chance to continue evolving my relationship with my cousins. I was stuck for a while and couldn’t see past the ways we’re different, but I now choose to focus on what’s the same. Now I choose to listen to them as they reveal to me who they are. And I choose love. And that’s all shifted because I no longer feel the need to prove myself.

So much gratitude….