Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 3

Friday is farming day. And what incredible November weather for it! I set off early this morning, sun rising. As I drove, I passed a woman waiting at the bus stop and had a moment of gratitude

  1. For my car and the resources that allowed me to buy and keep it. There is a whole world of job possibilities open to me and relationships I can more easily keep in touch with because I have that mobility.

I continued on to the farm, driving through some of my favorite scenery. There is a patch on rt. 7 heading east, right around Berryville, VA where the pastures of Audley Farms stretch out before you with the mountains rising behind them. Sometimes when I make this drive, there is think mist rising off the river. I love this view. I also love crossing over the river and glancing down from the bridge as I speed by, noticing the height and color of the water and the trees along it. In the evenings, heading back West, I love coming over the mountain and seeing the Shenandoah Valley spread out before me. It’s never the same. It’s always beautiful. This morning, it was sunny and warm on the west side of the mountains, with thick mist and clouds on the east side. I felt gratitude for

2. The life, beauty, and variety that surrounds me and the eyes which can see it.

Today was a blissful farming day. The end of the season is here and the crew is dwindling. The pace is a little more relaxed, the weather surprisingly warm. I am grateful for

3. The sharp smell of dewy arugula in the air as I cut it and put it in a crate and, later, the smell of rosemary, mint, thyme, sage, and chives mingling on my hands, long after I’ve finished harvesting them. It brings me back to this moment and the sense of my body.

4. A group of four farmhers (that’s farm ladies, if you didn’t know ), moving around a barn, laughing, making up words to songs, sharing silly stories about ourselves, dirt under our fingernails and on our knees, water spraying everywhere as we watch muddy root vegetables start to gleam and show vibrant colors when washed clean – strong, beautiful, intelligent, caring women; brought together by a love of dirt, hard work, and the magic of things that grow. Nourished by good food and good friendships.

It’s never too late in the day to tally your blessings!