Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; Day 4

The clouds have rolled in and the temperatures are dropping– a far cry from yesterday! And the perfect day for a nap… but not so perfect for ‘getting stuff done’! This is one of those days when it’s important to be able to differentiate between the stuff that NEEDS to get done and the stuff that can be put off one more day!

Today I am grateful for:

  1. The yoga students who showed up to the two classes I subbed this morning; full of energy and willingness, solid in their breath and bodies, and willing to laugh and smile and explore. You inspire me. You continually remind me why I teach.
  2. New adventures (my roommate and I drove to a winery to do a tasting) and new friends (and the couple doing a tasting next to us started chatting with us and it turns out the man has met my dad and does yoga and triathlons, too). It’s a small world, ultimately and the phrase ‘I just don’t have anything in common with ______!’ has crossed my lips. It’s encounters like these that make me think maybe I just don’t always look hard enough….
  3. Pizza delivery. Because, well…. duh.