Attitude of Gratitude – a whole month of Thanksgiving; day 8


Following the struggles and resistance of yesterday, today has felt like coming home to land. Although it still requires a conscious thought/effort, I have been settling more deeply into my body today – in my morning meditation, on my mat for practice, as I ate lunch, etc. Although sometimes I am frustrated by the pace of life (I want to arrive NOW), when I come to land, I can see my steady progress through my to-do list and the perfect timing of everything that is beyond my control. I can see things unfolding in their own time and the other people involved open before me like mysteries, rather than puzzles to be solved. I am grateful for:

  1. The sun after all the gray
  2. The sound of my wind-chimes in the breeze
  3. My body and it’s sensations and triggers. What a perfectly imperfect home for this perfectly imperfect journey.