#generousJanuary; post 4

I’m going to be really honest: I am struggling with this month’s theme way more than I expected. This is not the post I sat down to write last night. The one I wrote last night felt flat. Uninspired. Too abstract. Inauthentic.  I started noticing that when I sat down to write posts about generosity, the main theme of each post was all the ways in which I ‘fail’ and others are ‘better than me’. And that’s not the way to attract more of what you want in to your life. It’s not a celebration of all the ways we, as humans, can momentarily touch upon something so much greater and transcend our limitations to uplift each other. So I’m writing this one, instead.

In the past when I have sat down to write on a theme, if I brought the theme to mind, examples started coming – even if I wasn’t aware of feeling or seeing the trait in the moment, my brain could think back on the day and say, “ah yes – that was gratitude.” When I sit down to write about generosity, I find myself afraid to speak about it. I see acts of generosity all the time, but they seem like they should be private to me. And maybe this is the tip of the block I seem to have against generosity and deeper connection with people and circumstances in my life. If I can’t speak it, I can’t manifest it. And life isn’t to be understood, it’s to be experienced.

So today, I am speaking it. Please know, this is not an exhaustive list. But this morning, when I think about generosity the people that pop into my mind are two of my friends Rachel – one who gave me the shirt off her back, crocheted me my dream hat, and walks down the street aware of who is around her and what she can do to help; the other, just finished being a doula for a friend of hers (and incredibly generous act of service and love) and is always finding small, simple gestures to show the people in her life that she cares. Michael, a yoga student who gives to friends and when shown an act of kindness, quietly reciprocates it back in gestures of gratitude that reverberate with kindness. And Caroline, a good friend and boss who listens from her heart and with the intent of seeing the best in whoever is in front of her.

I see that in you which is great and generous and I honor it.

If you see love, speak it. So that it can bloom.