New Year, new themes (#generousJanuary; post 1)

I had hoped that my practice of writing every day for 30 days of gratitude would help me start a more consistent writing practice, but it has not… turns out I do better with prompts!

I’ve also been truly touched by all of you who reached out to me, letting me know you followed (and appreciated) my project of practicing gratitude.

Because of those two things, and that I believe the lenses through which we view our lives affect what comes to us, I’m embarking on a new challenge. I’ve brainstormed a list of traits I want to seek and manifest more in my life and assigned one to each month. It’s an unrealistic goal for my life to think that I’ll be able to write a post each day, but achievable would be to commit to writing on the month’s theme at least twice per week. I hope you’ll consider joining in – not just be reading but by weighing in with your own experiences of the month’s theme (either in the comments section below or on your own social media platform. I’ll start a hashtag to go with each month, so you can link yours, if you feel so inclined). Together, we elevate the world. Together, we create the shift we seek.

We start with: #generousJanuary

All too often, we think of generosity as something tangible – usually linked with money or goods – and as something being passed from those who have to those who have not.

But we all know the heady satisfaction of giving with no thought in return – as an act of love, because we WANT to. Our souls long to offer that act because it validates us as infinite Beings, creatures of Love, someone who has enough and can afford to share that abundance. I think, perhaps, one of the stingiest things we can do is to not see or hold space for those offerings, as they are, in whatever form they are offered in, and from whoever wishes to share them with us.

Today, I acknowledge the generosity of all those who read this blog, listen to what I share when I teach, and remind me that my words and expressions of experience are my gift. Because of you, I move forward on this journey of finding and lifting up my voice. Because of you, I am affirmed. As I am. Simply because I exist. Thank you.