Attitude of Gratitude: day 6

"You could have been anything... and you are you."

"You could have been anything... and you are you."

It's so easy to want to fit in. It's easy to fall into the fear of rocking the boat, making waves, standing out, incurring disapproval. But we are not here to hide or be ordinary. We are not here to be just like anybody else. Today I am grateful for:

  1. People who see me as I am and love me for it. Who don't tell me who I am, but ask me into being.
  2. Breakfast bagel sandwiches, especially when enjoyed with a friend. I've been eating plenty of delicious comfort food recently, but it's all been geared towards cleansing since that's what my body was craving. Until today. Today my brunch had gluten, dairy, and meat... and it was amazing! Everything in moderation.
  3. The unconditional love and happiness that animals bring with them wherever they go.

Wild Sacred Journey: day 7

Today was sunny and blustery and a great day for soaring. At least, that's what the buzzards told me. Surely you've felt it to: that swooping feeling in the pit of your stomach when a big gust of wind blows past and around you. Did you know buzzards can actually see air currents? Although they have powerful wings, they prefer to soar, without flapping, and so they ride those currents around in the sky - demonstrating what it means to 'go with the flow' and achieve great results with a minimum of effort and a decided lack of struggle. What powerful reminders for me, as I teach and prepare for a forty-day program that starts Monday. Freedom through ease. Yes, please!

The leaves were crunchy, the air was frisky, the sun was strong, and it was a perfect day for rolling. At least, that's what the dog told me. Fully present and fully expressive of his inner joy - through his body. How do you express your joy? Do you allow yourself spontaneous, physical expressions of it? Or is it through words? Everything we feel, everything we think, everything we experience lands in our body in some way. If we do not give full expression to it and allow it to pass through (yes, even the good stuff) that energy gets stuck and we become less present and more likely to manifest dis-ease. So today, I was right there with that dog: rolling and doing yoga poses and expressing joy. But I express to let go because who knows what this next moment might bring and presence brings peace more than trying to hold on... even to what feels good.