Attitude of Gratitude: day 18

Today turned into a busier day than I anticipated. It's funny how time can do that... feel like you have all the time in the world and then, all of a sudden, disappear and leave you wondering how on earth you'll accomplish everything you need to. And yet, there is still room for gratitude.

  1. This morning, I passed an accident and while there was a very small, mean part of my mind - the part that believes we are all separate - that was moaning about the extra time that added into my drive, this practice of gratitude shifted it pretty much immediately to being grateful for all the times I get in my car and get where I am going safely and without incident.
  2. The warmth of the sun and the lightness of the breeze on my face. I was outside this morning, hands dirty, harvesting food and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.
  3. Butternut Curry Coconut soup... because, yum.

Attitude of Gratitude: day 16

Today I am grateful for:

  1. That there's always something new to be found on my yoga mat. Today it was trying to see how much of my practice I could do with my eyes closed, noticing how my body feels as it moves, and noticing how it affects my balance.
  2. Delicious soup, cooked from scratch, and sooooo nourishing.
  3. The journey of teaching and how it has enlarged me on so many levels and in so many ways.

Attitude of Gratitude: day 5

Today was a day with a lot of yoga in it. First, a personal practice. Then, teaching an hour long group class, followed by a two hour workshop. At the end of it, my body was definitely tired. But I am grateful:

  1. For a body that is strong and flexible enough to be able do what I ask of it. And for the strength, openness, and balance it continually surprises me by growing into.
  2. Community - students and teachers who come together in love, trust, and silliness. Seeking growth and peace and to better their own little corner of the world.
  3. A quiet kitchen to come home to with food projects that leave my hands smelling like herbs, spices, and all kinds of wonderful wild.