WINLifeTV is a product of the efforts of WINLife Media and its founder David Perry. They stream Live events, hosted shows, and bring an alternative to broadcast programming by focusing on the arts, health, and important life information that is not always available on commercial TV. is a community-based open source platform which gives producers and individuals a voice in the community where there previously was no opportunity.

Kate is excited to be able to bring yoga to a TV platform whose core values are:

Giving back to Community with a joyful and healthy outlook on life while being of service to the people who live here.

Rise and Shine Yoga episodes with Kate Powell are available online!


Episode 1

This talking-only episode offers an introduction to what yoga is, the possible health benefits it offers, and debunks some common myths that can hold people back from starting a practice.

Episode 2

This episode introduces some simple breath work and very gentle stretching, followed by a gentle version of a Sun Salutation A. Perfect for beginners!


This episode continues building a gentle flow. Starting with calming breath and moving into Sun As, we then continue into Sun Bs and introduce some standing, warrior poses. Gentle, but invigorating and perfect for beginners.

Episode 4

In this we do a more complete gentle flow session with Sun As, Sun Bs, some other standing poses, balance postures, and a little seated stretching to round it out. Still accessible for beginners!

Episode 7

Introducing a more physically challenging Power Yoga flow - including a breakdown of chaturanga (high plank to low plank). Designed for beginners interested in strength-building!

Episode 8

A good, all-round and all-levels 30-min Power Yoga sequence with Sun Salutations, twisting, standing poses, balance, back bends, and some stretching to finish it all off.

Episode 9

This episode is gentle stretching, breath work, and meditation to help you unwind from the day and get ready for bed.

Episode 10

Here we practice some stretches aimed at helping your body unwind and decompress after travel. My intention is a practice that can be done in hotel room or other small space if necessary.

Episode 11

This episode we flow a little faster, with fewer verbal cues and more opportunity to be fully present and mindful of our bodies as they move through challenging poses on our mats.