About Kate

Kate Powell (RYT-200, CYPT, IEM&C practitioner), founder of Wild Sacred Journey - 

struggled with disconnection, depression, and body image issues for years before turning to yoga, where she learned to balance fiery discipline and whole-hearted surrender on her journey back to herself.  Around that same time, Kate fell into working on small, sustainable farms, the physicality of which reconnected her to the natural world and her body. Her journey deepened further when she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training at The Power Yoga Tribe in South Florida in 2013 and has since logged over 1,000 hours of teaching group classes, privates, workshops, and retreats.

A graduate of WhiteWinds-FeatherStone Institutes’ 470hr Integrative Energetic Medicine and Coaching program, Kate has done the deep work herself that allows her to be a strong, compassionate presence for students and clients and gives her a wide range of tools to guide those she works with back into embodying their truth, trust, vulnerability, and playful, sacred Love.

She is passionate about transformation and possibility and enjoys reading, creating, travel, being outdoors, good food, and good conversations and can always be counted on to blurt out awkwardly and earnestly heart-felt things in a world that teaches us to keep those close to the chest.

Whether through group classes, private sessions, workshops, or retreats, Kate considers herself honored to work with you.

In addition to her original yoga vinyasa certification, Kate has some background in Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Gentle Flow, Yoga Personal Training, and meditation.

She currently lives and teaches in and around Winchester, VA.

Kate was a guest on host Brenda Berry's show 'Choosing Happiness' on WINLifeTV to talk about how she found yoga and how it brought happiness to her life.