You are sacred Love, embodied.


Your journey is medicine, sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet. It may include violence, sadness, guilt, and shame. It may involve mistakes and regrets and unintended pain. This is the darkness of this human journey and it carries its lessons, messages, and the possibility of redemption. Then there’s laughter, love, the taste of good food, the touch of a nurturing hand, the unfolding of flowers and the calls of birds and so many other breath-taking and heart-pausing moments of beauty. This is the lightness of our human journey and it carries hope, connection, and resiliency.

What story will you write with your body, your feet, your breath? What mark will you leave on the world? Will you accept your inherent worthiness? Will you become the gift you are? Will you integrate and heal the darkness and the light so that out of your forgetfulness you remember wholeness?

This is your invitation to be both wild and sacred, human and spirit, imperfect and whole. This is your invitation to journey back to who you were before something made you believe it was safer to be someone else.

It is with deep gratitude and humility that I offer my journey with the ancient lineages of yoga, meditation, and indigenous wisdom traditions in service to yours.



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