Kate and Wild Sacred Journey, LLC are committed to creating a safe and confidential space for any and all who want to walk this path of healing. We believe that each client is already whole and is capable of and responsible for their own healing. We commit to continuing to study and heal our own wounds so that we may better hear and honor yours. We simply facilitate the space while honoring your truth and your timing as we listen in to your unfolding with integrity, honor, and compassion.


The Detours are the Journey

Ever wondered why the same situations seem to keep happening to you? Or ever felt stuck and sluggish in life? Have you ever noticed how thoughts and tapes in our heads can seem to repeat endlessly? Or is there a hunger deep in you that can't seem to figure out how to be expressed? What about recurring physical pain? Or have you been in an accident or experienced other physical trauma?

All of these challenges are actually opportunities for us to become aware of where we have disconnected from Love and our soul’s deeper purpose. Consciously returning and reconnecting fills us with a sense of greater meaning, freedom, empowerment, and compassion.


Integrative Energetic Medicine & Coaching

Energy is a language anyone can speak, but most of us have forgotten. It’s how our brains and nervous systems communicate with our bodies. It’s how animals of different species can have a sense of what’s going on with each other. It’s that moment when you get a sense of what might be going on with a stranger when you pass them on the street.

Integrative Energetic Medicine and Coaching is a healing modality that is holistic, compassionate, non-invasive… and operates through this subtler and more abstract level of energy - the level of the nervous system.

Because our bodies and their systems communicate via electromagnetic pulses, our cells are used to receiving and storing information and organizing themselves based on the flow and organization of our energy fields. These energy fields also extend out away from our bodies about 3-4ft and are in constant communication with our environment and our experience, making us finely tuned and highly sensitive instruments. When things are flowing optimally, we ‘play’ like a song where all the different pieces of our experience vibrate harmoniously. Sometimes, however, life’s challenges do not get processed through fully and productively and the frequency of our energies can be altered. When that happens, without resolution, parts of our energetic system become disharmonious. This can then lead to confusion and disharmony on a mental, emotional, or cellular level.

Addressing our challenges from an energetic level with IEM&C allows us to look at these symptoms as messengers who just want to tell us where we’ve fallen out of harmony with our hearts and our soul’s deeper purpose. Through deep compassion and an empowering self-awareness, we learn to listen to this more subtle of languages and we learn to Love what is, so that anything that no longer serves us can dissolve and we become free to express and experience in a more integrated dance.

Benefits may include:

an increased sense of well-being; lowered anxiety and tension; more metal clarity and stronger sense of purpose; spiritual and emotional healing; accelerated physical healing, decrease in physical symptoms, or more optimal physical functioning; more authenticity, vulnerability, and heart-felt connection with yourself, your life, and your relationships; deeper sense of inner trust and empowerment; joy, forgiveness, compassion, self-awareness, creativity… and so much more!

Sessions can be approximately 60min or approximately 20min, depending on the client’s intention in seeking out this work. As a nomad, I currently conduct sessions at a distance, either over the phone or through video chat (via Zoom or FaceTime). Clients remain fully clothed and can be either seated or lying down. The work can include verbal coaching or energetic techniques involving the chakras and energy fields off the body of if the session is in person, it may also include light, appropriate physical touch - with the client’s permission.

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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga sessions are a great way to reconnect with your body and to begin to move stuck energy, as well as being a gateway into a rich lineage developed to support holistic (mind, body, soul) health. They can alleviate stress and lethargy and can bring increased strength and flexibility. Integrating my sensitivity to the flows of energy with my experience guiding the physical postures of yoga means I can work one-on-one (or in very small groups) with a client to tailor the yoga practice specifically to them and their soul’s desire to awaken, embodied. These sessions generally last 60min. They can range from more active to very gentle depending on the client’s needs.

Some possible reasons for a private session:

building up to a personal challenge or developing a physical knowledge of the poses if you are new to yoga; deeper physical and mental resiliency dealing with a specific health issue; cross-training for a sport; more flexible schedule; bringing balance to your body with increased strength and/or flexibility; to integrate energy healing with physical movement

Meditation sessions can be a combination of yoga nidra (conscious sleep), mindfulness, and heart-centered guided journeys. Generally these sessions would be performed seated or reclining. If we are constantly stressed, our nervous system gets stuck in fight-or-flight response. When in that space, digestion, immunity, and rest can all be compromised. Meditation is a way of calming our nervous system so that deeper healing can transpire and our bodies can return to more optimal functioning. Because our souls speak quietly, meditation can also be a voyage of self-discovery. Sessions are usually 45min and are physically very gentle.

Yoga and/or meditation sessions can be scheduled for individuals or small groups. These can be done over video chat via Zoom or, when I’m in the area, in your own home.

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