After I had attended several yoga sessions with Kate and she had such an overwhelmingly positive effect on me as I was worked through some pretty difficult issues, I met with her for an IEM session. Upon experiencing the very first session of energy healing I felt such a sense of freedom...releasing energy and reclaiming parts of me that I had long abandoned....Kate allowed me to grow in a way to love console myself.... and she helped me see that healing didn't mean something was broken...healing wasn't about nursing a wound but seeing that wound as an inability to fully love and accept myself--purely..innocently and unconditionally. Kate taught me to console myself and love my heart. Through this healing process, I found a peace like no other. I am now living a fuller, joyful and peaceful life. I live mindfully-- loving myself and all those who touch my life.

- R.P.

My experiences in Kate's classes have gone far beyond what I generally experience in a "good" yoga class. It's challenging and I learn things but there's also a deeper level of connection. That connection is not only with Kate as a teacher but also a deeper connection with myself and this beautiful collective energy with everyone in the room. It's as if she knows, on an energetic level, what someone might need to hear and then says it. The most beautiful thing about her words is they are void of judgement...she invites you to be messy and curious. There is a raw authenticity with her that is so inspiring because you know it's real. Not once, not occasionally, but every time I leave one of Kate's classes I feel renewed.

- C.W.

Kate is a wonderful and very knowledgeable instructor. Starting with my first class with her I instantly fell in love with her teaching style and grew to learn what I am capable of doing on my own with her helpful guidance.

- K.O.

Kate's yoga  retreats are great, it's a perfect getaway! It's very relaxing and energizing and you learn a lot about yoga's philosophy. The old farm house is perfect and the trails are great. I'm looking forward to the next one and also Kate is a wonderful cook!

 - Z.W.

Kate consistently brings a loving, compassionate, fun, and authentic energy to all of the work that she does. Working with Kate has increased the awareness I have of myself, and it has given me priceless knowledge relating to yoga, spirituality, and emotional wellbeing.

- A.W.

I have been giving the opportunity to work with Kate in both in person, distance energy healing work and have taken one of her yoga classes. In anything that Kate does she does it with all of her heart and gives 100% to her clients and students. I have been able to tap into and release past trauma, fears, sadness, doubt, worry, etc. And really have been able to break through this wall that I continued to feel pressed against but could never get to the other side. I have been able to break through walls over a few sessions that I never even tapped into during therapy sessions. I'm so grateful for all of the work Kate has done for me and recommend that everyone have at least one session with her. You will not regret it!

- J.J

Kate can not be beat when it comes to yoga instruction. She can always help you find your area of weakness and work with you step by step to reach the next level.

- J.L.S

It’s challenging to put in words the way my life has changed as a result of my work with Kate, but I’ll do my best. As a yoga instructor , she is compassionate and intentional as she holds space in class and cues from the heart for everyone to flow and grow physically , mentally and spiritually. There is an unspoken energetic conversation happening between all souls in the studio during her classes! Which is probably why I sought out energetic healing from her. I had a lot of internal shifts happening at the time , along with physical pains I had been holding for YEARS , and a sprinkle of codependency /anxiety / depression that I was ready to change. Our work together allowed me to resolve feelings from experiences I thought I had dealt with years ago. I was able to heal {unplug} a physical pain that had been ailing me for most of my life {still almost a year later , it has not come back} . I found deeper understanding , compassion , and forgiveness for my younger self and all being in my life — which has helped repair SO MANY relationships in my life , most importantly the relationship with myself! I use the tools she taught me of staying heart centered , in the present moment , allowing movement through emotions as to honor each feeling but dig deeper to get to the roots , and so much more everyday. I truly believe our work together has made me a better mom , friend , daughter , & person ; helped me to cocreate a MUCH healthier relationship with my husband ; but MOST IMPORTANTLY restored SO much love and confidence within myself FOR ME. The course of my life was changed as a result of our time together and I am deeply grateful for Kate. She is a gift the world!

- J.D.